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How to make text URLs automatically clickable?

  1. Is there a way to enable this in a blog please so that all text URLs entered or pasted are automatically made into clickable hyperlinks?

    Many thanks.

  2. Not exactly, but using the visual editor is not difficult:

  3. Many thanks for your reply, it's just that it's a bit tedious to have to do that manually for every single link, especially when you are posting lots of links.

    My workaround has been to use Windows Live Writer as that automatically converts pasted urls to clickable links, but I was hoping that there was a way to do that when logged in to in the browser, eg maybe some theme has that function enabled?

    When you say "not exactly", is there in fact a way? Even if it's not straightforward, I'd be very grateful to know what it is. Cheers.

  4. Sorry, I thought of a couple of things which didn't work: maybe another volunteer can help.

    I was thinking along the lines of this thread:
    (for GreaseMonkey)
    but my understanding of how to make it work is too limited.

    An off-line editor is a good idea.

  5. Hi, it was really that the functionality is I know available in WordPress - see - and if I was using it self-hosted I could just turn it on, but I don't know how to enable it in - is that possible please?

    Is there a setting I've missed seeing, or is there a theme that can do it? Thanks.

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