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How to make the "About" page stand out more

  1. BTW that image on your site is 3072px × 2304px (scaled to 240px × 180px) and requires 2,424,014 bytes to be downloaded. I bet that makes you popular with anyone who is using a dial-up connection!

  2. Sorry, that was meant to be a reply, not a question!

  3. Forget that last comment. I panicked when it came at the top of the page and thought I had submitted a question!

  4. Hi bigdave44,
    Thanks for telling me that the picture at is composed of too many pixels for someone with a dial-up connection (and I realize that in many parts of the world that's the norm). So I changed the picture on (but not yet on .net and .org). I have yet to see the change when I go to the website. But that's because the company that hosts my website ( usually takes a day or so to get the changes up. So I'll check back back at tomorrow.
    Thanks for the tip!

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