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How to make the blog always ssl?

  1. How to make the blog always ssl? Same like on the dashboard.
    I did made my address https but this shows:

    Image is here:
    Blog url:

  2. All you can do is what's stated here >

  3. I do not know if that is just for administration.

    Does it also work on making the public blog
    SSL all the time?

  4. It enables https on Admin pages.

  5. Yes I am asking if that feature
    also applies to the public blog.

    I am now using SSL dashboard, now asking
    if it is also possible for the public blog.

  6. Not as a setting that YOU choose: that's for the readers to decide on their own computers.

  7. raincoaster

    Okay. I will just tell them to use https instead of http.
    Will that make our connection secure?

    Because when I checked the SSL, this shows:

    I am thinking that this not really making secure
    connection because the lock sign is not in
    good status.

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