How to make the first post permanent top post?

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    I’m new here. I would like to know if I can have my first post showing at the top of my blog all time? Only the first post, which is like a welcoming to my blog, and then the other posts should just follow as I post them.

    And what do you do if it wont upload your pictures? It wont upload the picture that I want to be my header.

    Thank you.


    The blog I need help with is


    Hey Kirstine,

    You can always make any post stick to the top of your posts page by making it a sticky post. Refer here:

    You can do it by clicking on Visiblity on the Right hand side (where you click on Publish Post) and select the ‘Stick this page to the top’ option.

    Regarding the picture upload. Its necessary to know whether you’re talking about Custom Header or a Picture Upload in the Sticky Post. Only few themes support Custom header, so make sure your theme does support it. For uploading a width-size picture in the sticky post you can click on Insert: Image Link while editing the post and once you upload it to the Media Library, click on ‘Insert into Post.’

    Check support:

    You might also find this helpful:



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    There are quite a few themes with custom headers. Here is a list, including sizes for each theme:


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    Elegant Grunge should take a header 956 x 160.
    Appearance —> Upload Header

    Note that you should crop and compress your image before uploading it.

    Also, if you have used CSS, the header image uploader will no longer work: you need to add the header to your CSS.



    I had the same question… I selected “Stick this post to the front page”, but nothing happened… Visibility became “Public, Sticky”, but when I posted a new post then the new post was still the first post not the one I made ‘Sticky’. What to do?

    Might it be a Theme problem? I use the “Koi” theme.




    Hi…am also having desame complain, i couldn’t retrieve my posts and interractions yesterday.

    Can anyone help????????



    What do your mean by “i couldn’t retrieve my posts and interractions yesterday”

    I see two posts on your front page. Both contain no text at all. Both contain nothing but how to make a wordpress.ORG website videos from youtube.
    How to use WordPress to design to a website.
    WordPress Tutorial Video

    Please clarify what you mean. Also tell us which browser and version of it you are using. You could have a browser issue so try changing your browser settings, refreshing the page, or clearing the browser cache and cookiesinstructions for specific browsers.


    Thank you very much. I think it works now :)


    i can’t see any option of making the post sticky… neither can i find permalinks in settings…. i want my page to b on my web adress..its a welcome page… but my posts are shown on website adress .. what should i do? and ya i have free domain



    See Post vs. Page for an explanation of the differences. >

    (1) Go to the top right hand corner of your Admin page. Click screen option and select all modules. The sticky post function is located in the Publish Module. but what you say does not indicate that you want a sticky post so please read on.

    (3) Welcome page > Create one static page to become your front page using these instructions >

    (4) Posts page > Create one static page to display your posts on using these instructions >

    (5) Set up Welcome page as front page of blog and Posts page for posts.
    > Settings > Reading
    Front page displays
    Your latest posts

    A static page (select below)
    Front page:
    Posts page:
    Make the required change and click “Save Changes”



    That’s good news. You’re welcome and happy blogging. :)

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