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how to make the picture bigger, after you click on the permanent link of the pos

  1. Just to explain one more time. I want a small version of the picture I use for the post on the main blog page. When you click on the permanent link of that post to see the whole content of it, I would like the picture to be bigger than this one on the main page. If I can change the font size too, it will be just perfect.

  2. The image will be the same size on the main page, and on the permalink page. It's the way things are designed and it would require hacking the underlying theme files, which we cannot do here at wordpress. What you can do is make the photos on the pages thumbnails and link them to the full-sized image.

    As far as changing the size of the text, are you talking about on the whole blog? If so, you would have to buy the CSS upgrade and modify the CSS. This is not recommended unless you have CSS editing experience and is not supported by wordpress, so if you run into problems, you will have to solve them. We do have a few CSS guru's that drop by the forums from time to time, but they have jobs and sometimes don't show up for days.

    You can change font sizes on a post by post basis, but it has to be coded into each post:

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