How to make the post show as a thumbnails?

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    I am creating a little webshop with I would like to show the posts (with one garment in each) as thumbnails, so that when you look at the page with all the posts only a little picture of the garment will show and when you click at the picture you see the whole post. Is that possible with

    Hope I made myself clear. I am very thankful for help!

    The blog I need help with is



    I think you are speaking about doing a gallery post. It is the option you choose when you are writing your post. You can do it after also.



    A gallery post will only show the image, when clicked on the thumbnail. The only way to achieve it, is by manually adding an image and linking it to the post. That’s what I do with my portfolio.



    Then again I could be wrong, and a gallery post is what you’re looking for.


    The easiest way to do something close to what you’re looking for is insert the thumbnail at the beginning of each post and insert the read-more tag after it.



    Thanks for all the answers! You have all been very helpful.

    The gallery post suits me very good, except for one thing. I want to have more images in the full post, so that when you click on the thumbnail there is a post with maybe two or three images.

    Also the read-more tag was great! But is there any way to have the post in two or three columns, so that they are more like a “gallery”? Now it doesn’t make much sence to have thumbnails, because each post take much place anyway.

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