how to make this template??

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    Hey guys how are you doing?
    I am trying to make a blog page based on this design.

    is there any template that based on it?
    or can i use that page as a template?

    Please explaination needs, im a newbie.
    Thank you.



    If you’re on you cannot make a template. You can only use the themes provided, and the blog you are referring to btw is using the Kubrick theme (available at with a custom header. You can do some extra styling with the CSS Upgrade, but that’s it. You cannot make a theme or template at

    If you’re on self-hosted on you can download and install any theme you like.

    If you want to know more about the Kubrick theme, read here:


    i couldnt find kubrick theme, suggests Darwin’s theme,

    is it the same you guys think?



    If you are expert with CSS skills, you can change background and colors of the Kubrick theme, which is available in your wordpress.COM Dashboard>Design>Themes and write your own background and color styles. You will have to purchase the yearly CSS upgrade to actually make those changes to your wordpress.COM blog.

    Please note that if you are not expert with CSS skills, there is little assistance here in the wordpress.COM forums.



    Please give us a link to YOUR blog. We have to see it to be sure our instructions will apply to you.


    this is the blog i want to change.

    Im running wordpress under Yahoo “Small Business” account.
    And I dont think its running the latest version of wordpress, does it effect?

    Thank you guys.



    Your blog isn’t on

    You need to ask at the support forum on

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