How to make Forums and Support available in Tagalog?

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    May I ask how to make forums and support available to Tagalog? How to start? What files are needed? :)



    Read forum!!! below there is same question about other language, staff replied:
    Hi there, first of all, thank you very much for your kind offer to help.

    Support sites and forums in languages other than English (e.g. German, Russian, etc.) are currently translated and moderated by volunteers. Usually I like to see a team of at least two people, working together, when setting up forums/support sites for a new locale. Do you have any potential collaborators in mind? This is to ensure continuity/backup and to avoid burnout.

    For one person, to start both a support site and the forums could be a bit overwhelming – hard to make significant progress on both. If you want to get started alone, I recommend that you start with forums first, so that you can get the conversation going and grow the community. What do you think?
    so reply to these questions and save staff(and yours) time…
    from my point of view i can say: Tagalog translation last time updated 3 years ago(2012 12 03) there are 51 not confirmed string… so start with translation and later(if you don’t drop everything after first 100 strings) ask again about this.



    @gymkaltu: thanks for helping out in this thread.

    @krzheiyah: the advice above applies for Tagalog. In order to create something sustainable, I’d like to see a team of active volunteers (so you plus at least one more person) involved in Tagalog translation and community. This forum and related support documentation are good places to get started, and of course I’m available to help if you have any specific questions.

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