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How to make your name link to your blog.

  1. thatglobalgirl

    ...that explains a lot. thanks, maybe this time I'll get a response! :)

  2. Thanks for the helpful tip. For a newbie like me I would have been scratching my head for days or even months trying to figure out how to do such a thing so easy like that. heheh

  3. I came to find out why my name doesn't link to my blog, and there it was, first thing! Thank you. Hope this works.

  4. Is it possible to put my other (personal web hub) site name in my WordPress profile.

  5. Sorry, I should have been clearer. I've got a self-hosted personal web hub ( Until now I had this as the website in my profile. Is it possible to keep this address in my profile AND my address?

    Alternatively, is there any value in having or not having my hub address in my profile?

  6. mm, how bout when you want people to link back to your site from other website like friendster, meebo or something like that?

  7. I'm very glad asking staff about making this topic a sticky
    because it has reached more blogger's easily... :)

  8. You're amazing ;)


  9. Thanks, I didn't know that this would do that! Thanks!

  10. Guess I'll test it.....

    Hope it works, thanks :)

  11. Thanks muchly. I had been adding my link at the bottom of my comments and now I'm saved. Eureka!

  12. Ok. Now I'm saved. :-)

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  14. Thanks! Great to have this community support.

  15. I'll try then back to you, thank you

  16. I cant get this to work, am idiot!

  17. your informations are well appreciated.

    when someone left comments others can easly log to his ,her blog.

    Thank u

  18. Thank you a lot.

  19. Thanks

  20. Thanks alot my friend.I appreciate the information you shared with us and will be glad if you can help me to make my blog one of the best.Thanks once again

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  21. Thats really cool, I didnt know that. Thanks!

  22. hello!! i am so new to wordpress and i found your blog..thank you for the info...

    my address is am i doing it right? thank you!

  23. and i don't have anyone in here yet...too sad..

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