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How to manage thumbnails galleries?!

  1. I run a celebrity wordpress blog and I'm trying to find a way to manage my thumbnails in some kinda clickable gallery for the readers to easily click through.

    Any help or ideas would be loved!!

    I would like for a new browser window to open into a gallery when a thumbnail is clicked, how can I do that?

    Thanks so much!

  2. Use the Monotone theme if it's a photogallery. That's what I do with and the Archive is fabulous. Note that you can't use widgets with Monotone and you can only use one image per post.

    As for your second request, you'd have to have a gallery page already existing and make the image a link to that.

  3. Duplicate thread

    @rain-as far as I know the only Pages Monotone will display are "About" and "Archives".

  4. Yes, that's true. It also doesn't display internal trackbacks as far as I can tell.

  5. What I mean is, the two solutions I presented above are mutually exclusive unless you put the Gallery into something that isn't a page, like a google page or something.

  6. I should have had some tea. What I mean is, you don't need a "gallery page" if you use Monotone, because you have the Archive.

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