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How to map second level domains without violating RFCs

  1. I have a domain which has just been mapped to a wordpress blog. I could do it because I had complete control over the nameservers.

    However, i have recently moved to's DNS hosting service, and have a major issue moving my DNS record there. doesn't allow root domains(like to be a CNAME. It has to be an IP. I first thought it was a problem specific to editdns. Turns out that is actually an RFC violation to do so, and therefore blaming editdns is not the right thing to do. Here is the relevant reference.

    I don't find an option in the admin interface to change the domain mapping to something else. Instead of, it would have been good to have atleast pointing here. But turns out that wordpress doesn't allow that.

    I do not want any other subdomains like Even if I did the admin interface doesn't allow me to change the domain name.

    Given all these issues, what would you advice me that I do?


  2. stainfreemedia

    [You are inactive because you are spamming. Contact Support if you want to discuss this - Mark]

  3. And you're a spammer.

  4. stainfreemedia: That is a regular * address. I am talking of custom domain mapping.

  5. Sandip, I advise you to contact staff and work things out with them. I don't think they will allow http://www.anything but there may be other options. After all, it will work anyway.

  6. raincoaster, * works only if is the one mapped. However, I think I would take your advice and contact support. Would just wait for a short while to see if anybody else has any other ideas. :)

  7. Ah, I'm a little slow. That's more complex than I thought and yes, only staff will be able to help you that I can see. They'll be back at work tomorrow after the weekend, but they may look into this before then.

  8. Just a question though. Is it generally assumed at that people doing domain mapping would be mapping third level domains?

    Because otherwise, if the RFC reference is right, making people map the second level domains using CNAMEs doesn't seems the right thing to do, pedantically speaking. Or is it that most common DNS management consoles in the wild ignore this rule anyway?

  9. Ok. the only way out was for me to get a third level domain instead mapped to the blog. The support staff were remarkably helpful and helped me switch my domain mapping in a jiffy.

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