How to Mass Embed Videos From 30 Different Sources

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    One of the best ways to embed media is through the use of a module or widget.

    One of the fastest growing online web applications to offer mass video embedding is VideoSwiper which now fully supports wordpress and searches over 30 video engines.

    Videoswiper and wordpress have been intergrated to make it a simple search, add and transfer of videos even 100 in one single push, great for creating niche wordpress blogs.

    You can now embed media at the click of your mouse and transfer video to your wordpress fully automated without code or modifications to your wordpress websites.

    You can visit their wordpress resource homepage at



    You are the owner – why pretend to be otherwise?

    Embedding video ads is not permitted.



    It’s not clear to me if it’s .ORG or .COM supported.

    If it is .COM I’d like to see an official statement that this isn’t against the .COM ToS.



    Embedding videos from other sites or using shortcodes (such as vodpod) is not the problem, never has been.

    There are “networking” “marketing” and other blogs who fill their blogs with video ads for whatever scheme they are believing in that day. These blogs do break the ToS and they get shut. Just because something is not clickable does not mean it is not an ad – if that were the case TV would be ad-free – and the videos we see are plastered with these things. We aren’t talking subtle here…

    From the above – “great for creating niche wordpress blogs” – the only niche blogs we want are those written by genuine bloggers. We don’t want people thinking they can create blogs here and use services to push videos as ads or for affiliate linkage. Think of someone creating a video blog, stuffing it with keywords and then hoping they’ll have made a million by next month…

    There are genuine blogs that focus just on certain videos (funny ads, music, film clips, that sort of thing) and they are fine. If this service suits you for that, go for it.



    Thanks for the clarification, Mark. More or less what I thought and not really something that interests me personally, but was curious.

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