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    I’ve written reviews but I want them to link under the tab that says reviews (to make it easy to find)

    The blog I need help with is


    PS: it’s not a menu tab but a page tab



    Yes, I think you can do what you want to do! One way works and is the quickest way; the other way is a bit longer and may not be exactly what you want.

    Method 1:
    So, first you’ll want to either tag or categorize your reviews. You may want to do something like categorize them all as “review” and then tag them with the genre (so it’s easier for your readers see the groupings). But we’ll stick with the categorizations.

    Then, you can create a custom men (Dashboard > Appearance > Menus):

    You’ll want to name and save your menu, then scroll down your page to add the pages you’d like. Don’t forget to save! Then scroll down to the “Categories” module, and click on your “Review” category to add it. You can make it the subset of your My Reviews page or you can exclude your “My Reviews” page and just use this category tag.

    Then save the menu.

    When users click on “My Reviews” they’ll be taken to a blogroll that features all your posts tagged as Reviews.

    Method 2:
    In this method, you’ll have to convert all your review posts to pages (and they won’t show up in your timeline automatically – so this is why I don’t think this is the option you’ll love). Then on each Edit Page page, you would change the parent attribute to “Reviews” instead of “no parent” in the module on the right. Then when you hover over the “My Reviews” tab, you’ll see a list of all the pages that are children of that page.

    I hope one of those options works for you!


    I’m having a really hard time with this. The gal that designed my banner did the first one for me. I followed your directions and I still can’t get it right. I’m so frustrated. I have quite a few reviews that I need to do this for… :(
    There has got to be an easier way to do this…



    Hi there,

    I’m so sorry you’re struggling with this. Custom menus are a little tricky at first.

    It looks like you’re off to a really good start! I went in to your custom menu and added a “Category Tab” which is “My Reviews” (I made the title “All my reviews” in case you wanted to leave your individual reviews posted) – you only have one “live” post tagged My Reviews, but if you click on it, you can see that it would display any of your reviews that you’ve tagged with My Reviews (you can try it out better by categorizing more of your posts with My Reviews).

    Does this help you at all?


    After I posted the comment about asking for an easier way…I figured it out and completely by accident. LOL!! Just to be clear…by me posting the reviews under the tab no one can see those reviews anymore? I want people to scoll to seem them but I also want to make it convenient by clicking on the tab if that makes sense.



    The reviews will appear in both places; in your regular timeline as you publish them, and then also in your All My Reviews blogroll, so users who want to see all your reviews in one place can, but users who want to see everything you post can too.

    I hope that helps!

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