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    I have two wordpress accounts, which I would like to use as one. It is more convinient to login just once and be able to edit both blogs. Both accounts are mapped to two separate .org domains. So I would like to keep both domains and mapped to them .org domains, but I want to manage them from the same account. How do I do that? Is it possible at all?
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    Two ways – you can invite your user name to the other blog – or you can transfer one blog to the account you want to use as your main account.

    Dashboard >> My Blogs >> Mouse over the blog you want to transfer and click on transfer – fill out the account you want it to go to and it is gone – also confirm the transfer with the email

    CAUTION – there is no error checking on the receiving account so if you make a spelling error to a valid account that is not yours then the blog is gone to the wrong account and you will need to get the staff to help you get it back


    Thanks, but as I understand if you transfer the blog, you cannot keep the domain of the blog. And I would like to keep it, but be able to manage it from my other account. There are 4 blogs with different domains associated with that account, so I’d like to add the 5th, which I already have separately. Any idea how to do this?

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