How to Merge Multiple WordPress Blogs

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    I’d like to merge one blog with another (let’s say, Blog B into Blog A) and need some help. I know I can export the contents of Blog B and import them into Blog A. I’ll hold on to Blog B and mark it as private, keeping Blog A as my operational blog.

    Will there be any search penalty (Google, for instance) if the content from Blog B still shows in search results while it resides on Blog A? I’m concerned with the idea of “duplicate content” in search results. It’ll take a little while before Blog B’s contents no longer appear in search results.

    What about bookmarks to the posts that were formerly on Blog B: is there any way they will be redirected to Blog A? Also, what about comments? Users can elect to be notified of new comments since they left a post. Will they be updated of such when the post is moved to the new location?

    Thank you, in advance.



    When you move content you break URLs. Everywhere the original URLs occur in search engine results and all over the internet become 404 (page not found) ie. broken links when clicked.

    Have you considered purchasing a site redirect so there will be no broken links?


    Thank you for your response.

    I haven’t thought it the site direct, honestly. That’s something I could consider.

    How do I stand with the other concerns?

    Thanks, again.



    I’m overstressed and overstretched as I’m multitasking form work and running up and down stairs cooking a Thanksgiving turkey (I’m a Canadian), so I’ll leave it to the other Volunteers and/or Staff to respond to your other concerns.


    Thanks for your time. Enjoy the holiday.



    Yes, duplicated content will cost you in search engine rankings ANY change in URL will also cost you.


    Thank you for your help. I’ll have to adjust my strategy then.

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