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How to migrate theme settings when migrating to self-hosted

  1. Hello,

    how can I export my theme's settings (for Imbalance2 from WP Shower) when migrating from a to a self-hosted blog?

    I exported all I could – I had the theme uploaded and activated on the new server beforehand – but my settings for the theme would not be included.

    How can I do that or in what file could I find the settings?

    Thanks for any hint!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You can't. The themes and their settings here don't export to a self-hosted site.

    Also, now that you're self-hosted, you're posting to the wrong forum. While we can help you with stuff to do just with we can't help you with stuff:

    These are the forums to use for a self-hosted WordPress blog:

    and you should read this:

  3. Also, the theme settings that are on the version on imbalance here very well could be different from the self-hosted version of the theme. There could also be some stuff in the version of the theme that is NOT in the self-hosted version.

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