How to modify my main navigation menu with CSS

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    New to WordPress and of course CSS. I’ve been searching for the past few days on how to modify my main navigation menu ( with CSS to make the menus a bit more visible and/or flashy. I must be doing something wrong because I’ve tried at least a dozen or so suggestions from the WP forums on modifying the “nav menu” but nothing seems to change when I enter the CSS code accordingly. Perhaps I’m not correctly applying the code to my main menu (Menu 1) or it is being overridden by the theme? Again, sorry for asking what seems to be a very common question but I could certainly use a bit of assistance here.

    On a separate note, I was able to modify one of my information tables with CSS so I was pretty happy about that. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


    Hi there, is a self-hosted WordPress installation using the software from I would suggest asking the theme designer, or you can also post in the Themes and Templates forum at These forums are for those hosted here at



    My mistake. Thank you for the info.


    You are welcome and all the best to you.

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