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How to move a section of posts to another - without having to redo everything?

  1. My blog So people know what im talking about

    If you have nothing to do and alot of patience - please continue to read!

    "Vacations 2010"

    I want all of the above posts moved to

    "My blog month by month" - under the month "July" Is that possible? and if it is - how?

    I have zerro knowledge of any of these things - so this might be a stupid question. But is it possible to get "Vacation 2010" and all the days underneath, to be a dropdown menu from the month "July"?

    -All the above has to be done withouth changing my theme (so far i think i have the understanding that not all themes can do the same)

    My skills with setup and the understanding of such, is really poor - so any babystep guide will be much appreciated :)

    Thanks for any help provided in advance


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Your "Vacations 2010" is a page, not a post. Its child pages (also not posts) are named for the days of the week.

    There is no automatic way to convert a page into a post.

    1. You can go to each page, and switch to the html editor. Copy all of the code—you don't need to know what the code means, just copy it.
    2. Then add a new post, with the title of the page you just copied. In the html editor paste all of the code.
    3. In the publish module, change the publish date to some date in July. Publish.
    4. Delete the page.

  3. @Star
    Here is information about the difference between posts and pages:

  4. ~raincoaster!

  5. Howdy!

  6. Thanks for the replies.

    So let me get this straight - if i want my pages moved down underneath the "July" month in "my blog month by month" - i have to create them as posts, so when people click on "July" they will get all the posts from that month - incl. those im gonna add?

    Thats not entirely what im after - I was wondering if i could move the Pages down underneath "July" so its written there - instead of under "Top secret informations"

    Or did i completly misunderstand your reply? haha - wouldnt surprise me, my english suck! And the second html codes where mentioned - i passed out!

    --- and if it was possible to get them as dropdown menu, if someone click on the month July, those pages would appear?

    /The stupid star

  7. With regard to you second paragraph: Yes.

    With regard to you third: No.

  8. Okay - Thank you for the help :)

  9. @Star,

    What is listed under the months are all posts. Only posts. The months are archives of all your posts.
    You can't make pages which go into the archives.

    I'm sorry that there is no automatic way to turn those pages into posts. As I said, you don't have to understand the html code. You don't have to look at it beyond being sure you copy all the code so you can paste it into a (new) post. Be brave!

  10. Great, thanks i will look into it - see how much i can screw up! There is a undo button right?! :D

    Thanks again - been a sweet help

  11. You are welcome!
    You should be fine if you don't delete your pages until after you are sure they are correct as posts…

  12. Once you copy and past a Page into a Post - set the Page you just converted to "Draft" (upper right corner by Publish) - then the old Page will not be shown on the site - avoids duplicate content and lets you see what you have done so far but nothing is deleted.

  13. Thanks again for all your help - everything worked out perfectly and i didnt even throw the computer out during the process!!

    Thanks for quick responses


  14. LOL! Great to hear that it worked w/o breaking anything!

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