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    I have a commercially hosted WP site I would like to move in its entirety to

    I know how to export the posts and comments.

    How do I copy the photos, theme and other stuff to




    The photos you will have to move over manually and upload them one-by-one via the upload pane on the write post page. There isn’t any FTP here at

    As far as themes, we cannot upload themes here at You are limited to the themes shown under presentation > themes.

    All the themes here at .com are customizable via the paid CSS upgrade, but it is not recommended for those who do not have CSS experience.




    The themes at are really limited to what is already here unless you know quite a bit about CSS and can “recreate” your theme using the CSS upgrade. What it is essentially is the ability to change your CSS to reflect how you want the sheet to be displayed. It would require you moving all images to through the “create post” image uploader.

    That is where you would move the photos to as well. There is no system in place to massive upload photos, so it would require you to upload the photos 1 X 1 in the image upload of the “create post” page and then change your post to reflect the new URL that is created. Posts and comments are the easy part!

    You could upload images to a service like Flickr or something like that and then link those images into your post. Really, it is about finding what is easiest for you to do and a start of looking at the future if you ever decide to move your blog again.

    If you have some specific questions, please ask!




    Thanks for the info and clarifications to my first post on this forum. And thanks to both of you and all the other regular posters here for your active support in helping others get the most out of!

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