How to move a widgets to another sidebar if we used 2 sidebar?

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    help me out..
    i don’t know how to move a widgets from sidebar 1 to sidebar 2..
    help me out please.. i really need your help..
    -please give me a quick respond-


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    The most efficient way to get help in the forums for is to provide a link to your blog starting with http:// every time you post.
    or link your name and site:
    Pay attention to #2 on that list.


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    I have the same theme. Digg 3
    Dashboard -> Appearance -> Widgets
    right column shows “Current Widgets” and right under that it says, “sidebar1” and show. Sidebar 1 is a drop down that you can choose Sidebar 2.
    to change a widget from #1 to#2:
    If you have the widget in sidebar 1, remove it from the list. (If it’s a text widget, be sure to save the code somewhere else first, because sometimes you lose all the code when you remove it.)
    Go back up to “Current Widgets” and choose “sidebar 2”
    add the widget there.
    Don’t forget to scroll down and SAVE CHANGES.

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