How to move all of my blog content to anther blog

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    Please understand it’s in your best interest to get up and go outside or find something else to do. Bumping this thread yet again moves it to the bottom of the line.


    Hey Jordan,

    I’ve exported and imported all of your content to

    Do you also want all of the stats and subscribers moved from to as well? As Raincoaster mentioned, this will move them permanently (i.e. they won’t be available on both blogs).


    Move everything from Jordan135 Gaming to Jordan135 could i still keep the old blog?

    Thank You so much!


    Could you please move the widgets.



    Widgets cannot be exported and imported.


    Timethief that fine i thought my Flag counter widget would start again from 0


    @jordan135gaming1 – I’ve moved your stats and followers as you requested. Let me know if you need anything else!


    Jeremeylduvall Timethief Thank You so much for helping me :D


    And Thank You Raincoaster


    No problem! Happy to help.


    Jeremeylduvall i have anther problem when you Transfered all my content. My images are linked from my old blog. and when i press the home page button it goes back to my old site. How do i fix this?


    And there’s anther problem when i sign out of my blog my images on my blog wont show up.


    Hey Jordan,

    The “Home” menu item is actually a custom link. In order for the link to point to your new address, you’ll need to edit the item here:

    Here’s more on adding and editing custom links:

    As far as the images go, I’m working on updating the URLs to point to your new site instead of the old one. The issue here is that the old site is currently private. When you’re logged out, you cannot see the images because they are linked from the old site and hence private also. This should be cleared up when the URLs are fixed.


    Hey Jeremeylduvall

    Could you please move my followers from Jordan135 to Jordan135Gaming. Because nothing as gone as I wanted it to on Jordan135.


    Hey Jordan,

    Are you switching back to the site? If so, I can move all of your subscribers and stats back to the original blog.

    If not, in order to proceed with fixing the image issue, I would like to empty the new blog (, set the old blog back to public (, and re-run the import. This will clear up the image issue.

    It looks like you’ve added one new post (Minecraft Pocket Edition Post 1) to your blog since the import. We would just want to make sure we copy the content since that post will not be included in the import re-run from

    Let’s start with finalizing which blog address you want to move forward with and then go from there!


    Hey Jeremeylduvall

    Yes please just move the followers and stats back to Jordan135 Gaming i have just looked at my images and all of them say Jordan135 Gaming on them. So i think i should move back because I would after remake my images again.


    Jeremeylduvall have you moved the followers and the stats now?


    I went ahead and merged the stats for you and moved your subscribers back to Please let me know if you need anything else!


    Thank you so much could you close this topic?


    Closing. Glad we got this worked out!

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