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    Hi. I was wondering how to move “categories” up and down.Fx i’ve just made a new category called “donationer”, and it shows up on top of the list under “categories”, and I want it to be on the bottom instead.

    And another related question. How do I arrange which posts figure where (top/down) when people enter the blogs starting/frontpage ( As it is now the first post to appear is the simply the most recent one I’ve made.

    AND, as the blog appears now it is showing ALL posts on the front/startingpage, is it possible to only select a few to appear (and the rest to be found under the specific categories)?

    Thanks a bunch, ruben

    The blog I need help with is



    1. Categories display alphabetically. AFAIK-there’s presently no way to change this.


    As it is now the first post to appear is the simply the most recent one I’ve made.

    That’s how the Post page works. Most recent at the top so your visitors can find the fresh content first.

    3. You can limit the number of Posts per page by adjusting the number in Dashboard>Settings>Reading Settings. This changes not only the front page of your site, but all pages (i.e. category, archive, etc.) on your blog. Five is considered a good number.


    To display your categories in a non-alphabetical order, go to Appearance>Menus, create a menu, title it “My Categories” or something like that, add the categories to it, drag them to change their order, save menu; then go to Appearance>Widgets, remove the Categories widget, add a Custom Menu widget, title it “Categories”, select the menu you created, save.
    Drawback: you’ll have to update the menu manually each time you create a new category.

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