How to move free blog to server

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    When I used blogger, I could specify whether to use or an ftp address to post to. There’s nothing like that here. I already have the blog exactly as I want, but there are reasons that I would like to host it on my own site. Can I get some help?

    What I’ve viewed of using WordPress on your site is just how to start it from scratch, not to move everything over.

    I would really prefer not to have to install a base installation on my site, import the blog items, and manually configure the rest. Blogger made it much more simple than that.

    Again your help is appreciated.



    Actually you can grab the software yourself and set it up on any hosting server that offers PHP and MySQL. Most all of them do and even offer some form of automatic install so you don’t have to worry about dealing with the files.

    As to method, you listed this post with the term ‘move’. Try clicking on it. You’ll find a number of threads already covering methods to use, including this one. Please give them a read and see if that helps.

    There’s no current method to forward a domain onto another other site. That leads to security issues as well as spam ones which is doing their best to pervent. (And blogger is known for being home to)


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