How to move my website from to a hosted domain.

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    Hi there,

    I have a but I want to do html things and install autoresponder on it, thus I would have to move it to a hosted domain.

    Does anyone know how to do so?

    On another note, my site at the free is getting pretty fine traffic. What I’m wondering is how will the moving of my blog to the hosted domain affect the traffic to my website? (my website traffic source is mainly through google search)

    I need any help I can get.

    Thanks peeps!

    The blog I need help with is



    Thanks pal sounds great. But how will my traffic be affected? So if I move it to the hosted domain, what will happen to my content?

    Will it still be there? Will I still own that URL and perhaps can redirect visitors visiting that address to the new hosted domain?


    If you already had a registered domain name associated with the blog here, then you would not lose any search engine ranking, but if you are talking about this blog, , then you will be starting again from scratch with the search engines and it will take anywhere from 6 months to perhaps as long as a year for your new blog to get back to where the one was.

    The content here will stay here unless you delete it or delete the blog. I always suggest just setting the blog here to private instead of deleting it since if you delete it, you will never be able to get the same URL here again. The blog here is yours forever. It will never be deleted by staff no matter how long it sits unused.

    There is a trick that can be done with the domain mapping upgrade that will automatically redirect people coming to your blog here over to the new blog and it is covered in this support document: .

    If you do not do the redirect, my suggestion is to edit all posts here, mark them as private and then make one final post here telling people you have moved and giving them the link to the new blog. Also, go to settings > privacy and select the second option that blocks search engines. Watch the stats on the blog here and when it gets to a trickle (6 months) then set the blog here to private (settings > privacy) so that it will not compete with your new blog.



    Thanks a whole lot pal. I guess the traffic to my blog can be saved after all… with the redirecting.



    You’re welcome.

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