How to move my wordpress site from localhost to my wordpress blog?

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    I created my blog on my localhost(using wamp). Wamp is completely configured and the site is running just fine on localhost, now i created a blog on wordpress to go online , i used export option from tools menu in the dashboard and found that it exported a xml file.then i imported the data into the online account of mine , it seems to copy all the pages and articles etc. but the pictures and the custom themes and the custom widgets i used on my localhost are not uploaded… kindly help me and tell me how to move my existing modified theme, images , widgets and used plugins to the online account….
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is



    you need a SmartFTP Client or any other FTP client.
    log in to your acc. and upload all the files from www(www in your WAMP) to host
    then change wp-config setings …


    while logging in to the blog it shows invalid hostname , sorry for beingsuch a noob but i cant get this straight and btw what i tried is i pinged my address on cmd and got its ip add and then gave this as hostname now what should i do please help thanks in advance…..


    If you’re asking about this site …. url: , there is no FTP access to it.



    You can’t use modified themes and widgets on a free site. Also, see here.



    You can’t do your own theme – you can’t hack code here – Export / Import only brings text – the pictures only come when any WordPress site (.COM or .ORG install) can see the site the pictures are coming from.

    You need to ask over at WordPress.ORG about moving a local host install but I think it takes moving files and database records that can’t be done here at WordPress.COM


    okay so, now if i dont want to buy a new domain for this as i am still developing, so is there any way to use my custom themes and content created in wordpress to use elsewhere like another hosting website(free ones) , i mean i can’t just copy the folder of the theme as it got all the functions and modules seperately and as i have lots and lots of themes and plugins installed in my wordpress localhoost folder so its not easy for me to upload the complete folder up there…..

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