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How to move side bar on page

  1. Hi all, I have a blog which i run as a website. can anyone tell me how to change the code so that the side bar on just the page for my blog is either on the bottom, or move so that the full posts can be seen?

  2. I don't understand the question - did you solve it, perhaps?
    You want to remove the sidebar from post-pages?

  3. I am still trying to rework my pages and wish to make my actual blog (home page) wider - i dont want to remove side bar, but make the page wider, is this possible??

  4. but is there any tutoriol avialable to let us know what to do exactly..

  5. You would need to pay for the css upgrade, and learn a little css. I suggest you try it out in the free preview option before paying - you can change the code and preview, but not publish changes.
    There are no tutorials, as this will be slightly diffrent from theme to theme.
    For you rrteam, try changing the width in this bit of code in your css.

    	background:#fff url(img/rap.jpg) center repeat-y;
    	margin:0 auto;
    	padding:0px 8px;
    	font-family: Trebuchet MS,Georgia, Arial, serif;
    	font-size: 0.9em;

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