How to move your old website's domain to a new website

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    I signed up for word press some time ago and haven’t really touched it for a while. To wit: I’m pretty new to word press…

    My question is: the organization that I’m in has this OLD word press website with a specific domain, but because the website’s word press client(?) is so out of date, it’s become very hard for people to utilize it. (I’ve tried updating it, but it was a failure…)

    Anyways, due to this bit of a snafu (as stated above), we decided to make a brand new word press account and start anew. The problem is, we want our new website’s domain(URL) to be the same as our old website’s domain.

    How do we disable our old website’s domain and reinstate it as our brand new website’s domain?

    It doesn’t matter if I have to delete the old web site’s account or not. If we have to, we can get rid of it…

    Thank you for all your help!



    Hi ayeandy88 –

    Is your site on Or is you WordPress site self-hosted? If it’s the latter, check out the forums at (

    This forum is for sites hosted at (

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