How to Move/Merge Separate Blogs to Same Blog?

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    Hi! I have two separate blogs on WordPress. When I sign in I use one username/password to access both of them. I would like to merge the two blogs by taking one blog and moving it onto a new tab on the other blog. Does anyone know how to do this? I couldn’t find any instructions on this topic. Please let me know if you have any suggestions. Thanks so much!!


    You cannot have two “blogs” within one blog. You can import the posts, pages, comments, categories and tags from one blog and import them into the other, but they will be mixed in with the existing by date.

    You could, make a new category for the second blog, assign that category to all those blog posts from the other blog and then include that category in a custom menu in the top navigation on the other blog. That would give you a way of separating them out, but on the main blog pages (off the main blog page) they will still be mixed in with the posts of the blog you imported to.



    You can link to the other site in your top navigation by creating a custom menu. In that menu you can include a static page.

    1. Create a static page
    In the Title field of that static page you can type in the link to the other blog:
    <a href="URL_HERE">TAB_TITLE_HERE</a>

    2. Create a custom menu and include the static page your created in it

    Please note that doing this will not result in a merger of blog content. You will simply have a direct link into the other blog in your top navigation tabs.


    Thanks so much for your helpful answers!



    You’re welcome from me. :)

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