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How to Movw my .com and .net to Word Press from another site builder

  1. website (and .net) are hosted by using an outdated website builder. I want to move my website to WordPress but I don't know where to start !?! I keep reading about making blog pages and i'm confused. Is there a simple way to move my pages over to WordPress?

    The "Blog URL" below is JUST A TEST!
    Blog url:

  2. No there isn't and you ought to be asking at instead of at Read this for clarity please >

  3. FYI when I click on the support link for my pages it takes me to where I am now to this place...I am using SimpleScripts/Wordpress through C-PANEL. Some of the software is new to me AND If the support link is wrong then you should change it. To me it looks like I'm housed on and this is where I started: (

    Please, no need for sarcasm, which I sensed from your reply.

  4. There wasn't a drop off sarcasm in my reply. I have flagged this thread for a Staff response because they get paid to have people project nonsense like that - I don't.

  5. If you wish to import an XML file of blog content into a free hosted blog like the private blog linked to your username name then here is the guide for doing that >

    The support documentation that applies to free hosted blogs is found at this link
    The links to the support docs and to the learn blogging tutorial are found on the bottom of your Admin page.

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