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How to namecheck blogs I subscribe to

  1. I've seen other bloggers do it and I want to do the same - a menu in my sidebar listing the blogs I think are cool. But I don't know how to do it. Is it part of blogroll - do I have to manually enter each one? Isn't there a widget that can just do it for me...? Help!

    Thank you...

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Its' the blogroll widget and you used to be able to add a blog to the widget directly from your admin bar when you were on the blog, but I believe they've disabled that so you have to do it manually.

  3. Thank you both. As I suspected then. What a pain in the proverbial. Raincoaster, the 'old' way seems much more sensible. Manually entering information they already hold?! Tedious... Will crack on tomorrow...

  4. It only sent it to your Primary Blog, and people complained about that.

  5. I ended up with them all on my primary blog and not on my personal blog and now I have a mess to sort.

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