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How to 'nest' replies to comments?

  1. wordwatchtowers

    Hi - I've tried searching the forums but cannot find an answer to this problem. I have been replying to comments on my blog, but the replies do not appear beneath the comment I am replying to. I have ticked 'enable threaded (nested) comments in the discussion section of settings.

    Also - is it possible to move comments to appear beneath a more appropriate post? (i.e. the post that the comment relates to).

    Thanks so much. x

    The blog I need help with is

  2. wordwatchtowers

    I've now found the info on the forums about moving comments - so no need to reply to that bit. Am still puzzled about nesting thing though - all help appreciated. x

  3. wordwatchtowers

    It's OK - I've worked it out. No need to reply. Thanks anway.x

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