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How to nomination for an award?

  1. I have read some interesting posts and seen readers say they nominate a blogger for an award. I can find no information on this. What are the awards; what do they mean. Where can I find them? I am brand new. Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. These blogger awards are called memes. Everyone has different rules. They are much like chain letters in some ways. The underlying motivation is to generate backlinks and you can read about them here > If you want more information click the tag links in the sidebar of this thread.

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  4. What does this mean ^ Off topic?

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  6. Ahhh! And I love your gravatar, noircuplume! I am an instant fan! ~ Sissy Quill.

  7. Thank you. Welcome to WordPress!

  8. Over a span of last 2 wks., I cobbled together my list of award nominees because I was nominated for 2 different ones.

    But it takes list the ones a blogger likes,etc.

    I recently removed a nominee (and hadn't informed the person yet) and replaced it with another one which is a well-written and illustrated blog. I quietly removed the nominee since there were some personality traits that were starting to irritate.

    I do give my reasons why I chose this random list of blogs. But hey, it's just a list. Don't take it so seriously. There's millions of blogs, waiting to be discovered.

    And if yours isn't listed, doesn't mean I don't visit other blogs and admire them.

  9. Oh, I was not worried about being discovered. :) It was more like, what if I want to give one to someone else. And I thought I might be missing something on the site. This is all new to me. I am a bit behind the curve!

    So, thank you for taking the time to explain so well from your personal perspective, maidiebike.

  10. Personally, I can't stand these awards. As @timethief says, they are more about the person nominating you interested in getting links back to their site. I feel for it once when I was new and was given the Versatile blogger award. I followed all the silly rules and such. Since then I have been nominated for others but respectfully decline them.

    I have a limited amount of time as it is with my schedule to write blog posts and I chooe not to waste that time writing fluff like 7 things you don't know about me. If I find a blog I like and wish to promote, I will do so either in my blogroll or mention in a post itself.

  11. Good to know! Thank you for taking the time to write, robrubin.

    Sissy Quill

  12. Sissy quill I thought abit it for awhile when I got my first "award" before deciding what to do. Well, um I took over 3 months before deciding anything.

    It's not a terrible thing to engage in at least once, since I did comment in general why I chose some sample blogs. And they are sample ones since there are lots of blogs that are good and waiting to be discovered.

    I wanted to give my reasons for my whole list of choices.
    It's just spreading good vibes. Nothing to get over-wrought about it.

  13. Hi maidiebike. Thank you for writing back. It is amazing, isn't it, how many good blogs there are out there. Wow. What a great time to be alive! :)

  14. @ sissyq, they are just a bit of fun.

  15. Some weeks ago my blog was nominated for an award and the award giver's blog was worse than mine. Beware of such type of memes.

  16. humourworld and hnsaifi, thank you for responding. If I add your two comments together, the result is Beware of fun. Sounds dangerous. :)

  17. Someone awarded me one, but they do seem like chain letters rather than 'awards'. Not that it wasn't a nice thing to do.

    As it happens my format doesn't allow for me to skip a day, so I didn't use the day to create links to other blogs, and back to the originator.

    What I find far more rewarding is when someone says 'I loved your blog and this is the first blog I've ever read from start to finish', and other words to that effect, or link my blog from their blog because they enjoyed it so much. That's an award to me.

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