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How to offer email updates

  1. Thanks Podz! Julia has asked me if this was possible and how to do this. She will like this answer.

  2. FeedBlitz works too :)

  3. I followed the instructions (for Feedburner) in the FAQ, and Feedburner said the URL I put in was not a valid feed.. Specifically, it said:

    line 2, column 0: Undefined root element: xhtml:html
    line 4, column 29: Undefined named entity: laquo (2 occurrences)
    Feeds should not be served with the "text/html; charset=UTF-8" media type

    Mine is a protected blog (is that the problem?). It's a company blog, and I've been asked to set up email notifications so the executives can be notified by email whenever there is a new posting. Can this be done via Feedburner if the blog is protected? If not, is there another way?

  4. The protection is the problem.

    A protected blog effectively has no feed.
    A regular website that requires a username /password is controlled by a .htaccess file. If you provide the credentials to pass that then you are able to access the site both in your browser and a reader. The .htaccess is the single point of access.

    Here there are two:
    A login to and admission to the actual blog.
    The first is controlled securely, the second is controlled by a cookie because you have already logged in securely.
    A feedreader can't do that - so it gets nothing.

    I don't have an easy solution right now..

  5. This is a big question for me as well. I also have a protected blog (for a nonprofit film festival planning committee) and would only need to send email updates to actual assigned users.

    So this is just a bump to try to get this addressed!


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