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How to only remove the name of the title page + keep the menu and the sub-menus?

  1. Hi there, I want to remove the word 'Home' inside the Home page.
    When I removed the typed word 'Home' in the title area while editing and clicked update, the main HOME menu, including the 3 sub-menus becomes invisible. I just want to remove the word 'Home' in the content on that particular page. I need the HOME menu and the sub-menus to show. Is there a way to remove this word? Please guide me. Hope the question is clear. Thanks very much for the help. Katherine
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  2. Question: How can I remove the page titles so they don’t appear in the body of the page? (Duster and Twenty Eleven)

    The tab in the top nav menu doesn’t have to be the actual page title, so here’s what you can do:

    Edit the pages and delete their titles.
    Go to Appearance>Menus and create a custom menu. Select your (now nameless) pages from the Pages module, click Add to Menu. Click the arrow at the right side of each page module to open it, type the title in the Navigation Label field. Click Save Menu, select the menu from the Theme Locations pulldown, click Save.

  3. See here, under "Other options, special cases and tricks":

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  5. You need to update that TT: there's a glitch that makes random things popup in place of the title if you leave it completely blank.

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  7. Okay. I'll update. Thanks for the head up on that.

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