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    Thanks to anyone that helps me here in advance…

    I am trying to figure out how to only show x number of lines of each blog when you go to my mainpage. And then if the reader wants to continue they can click the link to continue with that particular blog.

    It’s probably already in the forums but I am not good with the lingo on what to look for in the search and keep coming up empty.

    Curt Schillings blog at is an example of what I mean.

    And timethief if your online…Can I advertise on WordPress??? :) that’s a joke

    Thanks again to anyone who helps…

    Michael Lab


    The easiest way is to use the “more” tag in your posts. Place the cursor at the point you want to break the post and press the more icon in the visual editor (looks like a couple white rectangles with a dotted line inbetween.

    Look here to figure out what icon it is:


    I should have added, that the break will not appear if you “preview” the post, but will show when it’s published and you are looking at your blog main page.


    Also, if you do not like the text that appears in the “more” tag, you can change it by hand-coding it in “code view”

    <!--more put your text here-->



    If you need a reference here’s one that may be helpful using the read more tag in wordpress blogs


    I’ll tell ya, I really appreciate your help (thesacredpath & timethief).

    Forum Question Resolved in World Record Fashion

    Thanks Again,

    Michael Lab


    You’re welcome from me, and happy blogging.



    Happy blogging from me too. :)

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