How to open a second blog using the same e-mail address?

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    Hi, I started a blog. Now I want to start another using the same e-mail address. When I try to sign up, it says that the e-mail address is already in use. I plan to use both blogs, so deleting the first is not an option. What do I need to do?



    they allow us to only have one account per email address, you may register a new email account if there’s no possibility to create another weblog using the same email address. Maybe they’ll allow us soon


    So if I change the e-mail address associated with the first account, I can never use the original e-mail address again?



    oh gawd i haven’t thought about it yet as i’ve never done it but you’ll probably need to send a feedback to let them know that your current email is not the email of your first account, maybe they can change it for you

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