How to order photos on a page?

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    I am using the “Hatch” theme and have pages set up for photos with captions. My problem is that I can see no way to change the order of the photos once I use “Add Media” to insert them. The latest one just automatically shows up at the bottom of the page (except one time when a photo randomly inserted between pre-existing photos on the page but I don’t know how that happened and cannot duplicate it.) Someone please help.
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    The blog I need help with is



    Please consult the theme description here
    The live demo site is here >

    Take note of the explanation and instructions in the “featured Images” section

    If no featured image is assigned, Hatch will attempt to pull the first attached image in your post. If no image is attached, the theme displays a light gray placeholder.

    Blog/Archive pages: 220 x 150
    Single Posts: 640 wide, flexible height
    Logo: 115 wide, flexible height

    If you don’t see the Featured Image module on your Add New or Edit Post page, please make sure you’ve selected Featured Image in your Screen Options.


    Thank you so much for responding however I am not dealing with a post but with a page and still see no way to move the photos to different positions(I followed all of the links that you suggested, by the way). On my page I basically have a line of photos going down the center of the page. If one is in say, fourth position I might want to move it to second position and can see no way to do this. If I add another photo through “Add Media” the newest image goes right to the bottom of the page whether I want it there or not.

    There has to be a way, rather than deleting all of the photos on a page and adding them from scratch one by one in exactly the order I want them to show up.


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    You can use the text (code) editor to cut and paste the pictures into whatever order you’d like.

    Code for a linked image looks like this:
    <a href=""><img class="size-large wp-image-30" alt="I snapped this stunning little butterfly not far from Otosan and Okasan's home." src="" width="940" height="616" /></a>
    Notice that it starts with <a CODE HERE etc.
    and ends with “</a”

    code for an image with a caption starts with this:
    [caption CODE HERE etc.
    and ends with this:

    You can use your browser’s “find” function to search for “butterfly” which is in the title of one of your photos. Then it’s only a matter of copying all the code between the tags and pasting it where you want it to go.

    It is also possible to click and drag pictures in the visual editor, but it can become messy, especially when your photos have captions because in the visual editor you cannot see exactly where the cursor is.

    Best to brave the code so everything stays neat and as you expect.


    Thank you much!


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    You are welcome: I hope the details help to accomplish what you need.

    If not, we volunteers are here…

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