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How to organize articles on sidebar

  1. @starsquid: No, you can't use that trick in Vigilance; see here:

  2. Oh ca-rap...!

    Thanks anyways!

  3. I'll see if I can work something else out; but I can't do it now.

  4. @Panos,
    I've use position relative in a couple of posts. And I could be mis-remembering or misspeaking about the "hiding in plain sight" credit, but I think that I used a text widget with position relative to do it.
    Do you think
    a.) I am miss-remembering
    b.) position relative might work for starsquid?
    (of course my "hiding in plain sight" did look more real in Firefox, but almost pretty sort of good fool the eye trick, in Safari, if you remember? I deleted the code because you didn't like it so I can't look at it again.)
    ??? oh…

  5. Thanks o-coding-wizard-panaghiotisadam...!

    One of these days that good 'o Vigilance isnt gonna be enough for me anymore.
    I'm this close in asking a friend to code my 'dream blog'. But I dont wanna change...again...!

  6. Hey!!!!

    I stopped at a store after work today and as I was pulling out of the parking lot I saw a license tag on the back of a car that said "1SQUID." The plate was showing a Michigan registration, so I don't think it was you. But I do so very much wish I had my camera with me to take a pic of it, just for you. Just because I love coincidences. <3 LOL

  7. Hahahaha, and you thought of me...! How nice of you! :)

  8. @Tess: b

  9. Aw, yes! you are a cutie!
    well, your avatar is…
    Oh, to be honest, the first times I saw you here I didn't like your avatar: it's 'cute' like a cartoon, or like Japanese anime, or some word that is not coming into mind. (worse than modern Disney multi-national corporation?)

    But looking at your site, so well designed and so perfectly executed: what can I say. Lovely.

    Do you have another blog? I seem to remember looking at a blog about photography. Was that you?

  10. @Panos,
    yes: b = good!
    I was beginning to loose confidence in my coding.

  11. ....! I made it myself! But somehow the avatar isnt really showing great quality (I know, its just an avatar, but still). Nah, Im still not really satisfied, it's still too much blog-like and I want it to be more website-like (does that make sense since its still a blog?), but blame me lack of coding skills.

    "worse than modern Disney multi-national corporation"
    ouch :P

    Yea the other blog was also mine (and I even have a third one, I have no life)

  12. @starsquid: So... I was able to hide the black line with code in a text widget. Unfortunately, some distances in Vigilance are different when you view it with -you guessed it- Explorer. The numbers that will work for Safari and Firefox won't work for Explorer and vv. I can make it work with code in the Alert box, but again in Explorer the Alrt box can't be made invisible (in Safari and Firefox it can). If you'd settle for that, add the Alert box with something in it (a tagline maybe? a short image?) so I can see it and adjust the code accordingly.

  13. Starsquid your blog is fabulous! Do you use the CSS upgrade? Its seems customized to perfection!

  14. @starsquid

    Ooo. I did not mean to hurt your feelings. When I see the avatar in context it is nothing like that multi-national corp!

    I do the website for the place I work, and I'm trying to make it look more blog-like, without it being a blog. My boss tried to get me to do Facebook, but I flat-out refused: I don't want to be updating stuff for work every minute.

  15. @panaghiotisadam
    OH DANG YOU EXPLORER! *slamming my fist on the table

    Nah, don't want the alert box to be there, also can't think of anything to add there at the moment. Ill think about it. For now I guess Ill just leave it. Can't have everything hehe.
    But thanks a GAZILLION! Wish I had your coding skills/knowledge! :)

    It wouldn't look like that if I had the upgrade. It's the freebie version just like everybody else's Vigilance. Thanks though :)

    oooh thats nice, getting paid to blog about your favorite food, nice!

  16. @starsquid
    No, the site at work is not about Japanese cooking. It's work. And I have had much less interesting jobs: it is work. LOL Really. I am a non-tech-savvy person. But I get the job because everyone else is even less so…

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