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How to Override Hardcoded Uploaded Header Image?

  1. It would appear that if I upload a custom logo (header image) through WP's dynamic styling feature, the url of that image gets hardcoded somewhere in the loop but I can't figure out where!

    Here is the relevant portion of my header.php:
    `<br /> <div id="main_container"><br /> <div id="decoys"></div><br /> <div id="header"><br /> <div id="masthead"><br /> <div id="branding"><br /> <div id="blog-title"><br /> <span><br /> <a href="<?php bloginfo( 'url' ) ?>/" title="<?php bloginfo( 'name' ) ?>" rel="home"><br /> <?php if($custom_logo == 'custom') { ?><br /> <img src="<?php bloginfo('template_directory'); ?>/images/uploads/<?php echo $custom_logo_image; ?>" border="0" alt="<?php bloginfo( 'name' ) ?>" /><br /> <?php } else if($custom_logo == 'default') { ?><br /> <img src="<?php bloginfo('template_directory'); ?>/images/logo.png" border="0" alt="<?php bloginfo( 'name' ) ?>" /><br /> <?php } else { ?><br /> <h1><?php bloginfo('name'); ?></h1><br /> <div class="description"><?php bloginfo('description'); ?></div><br /> <?php } ?><br /> </a><br /> </span><br /> </div><br /> </div><!-- #branding --></p> <p>I see that it's saying that if a custom logo has been specified, that it should grab the image from my template's .../images/uploads folder. When I manually replace the img src="..." portion with a specific url, then it is forced to display that particular image. Otherwise, it displays whatever image I had uploaded previously (through dynamic styling). So my first question is: <strong>where in the labyrinth of WP does it save the url of the previously uploaded header image?</strong></p> <p><strong>And how do I modify the code below so that it will override whatever else it's being told to do and grab the image I specify in the CSS?</strong> Because right now it won't listen to the parameters that I set in the CSS (making it !important also doesn't seem to work.)<br /> <code> `<br /> <?php if($custom_logo == 'custom') { ?><br /> <img src="<?php bloginfo('template_directory'); ?>/images/uploads/<?php echo $custom_logo_image; ?>" border="0" alt="<?php bloginfo( 'name' ) ?>" /><br />

    Also, as a corollary, I've implemented a style switcher that allows the visitor to toggle between several stylesheets. Each stylesheet features different background colors, fonts, etc but the one thing that I can't seem to change is the header image (because, like I said before, it seems to be hardcoded somewhere in the loop).

    So if anyone has any advice on how I can modify the above code (and any other possibly relevant codes) so that the header image can be stylesheet-specific and be controlled by the respective .css, I'd really appreciate it!


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  3. Ergh, sorry for the messed up styling of my post. I placed the code tags in the wrong place but it seems that I'm unable to edit the post....It would also help if there was a "preview post" option...

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  5. Oh, oops...apparently i have posted this in the wrong forum since it does not pertain to a hosted blog. Sorry! Can a moderator please delete this for me? I'll repost my question to the other more general support forum.Thanks.

  6. You're welcome and best wishes with your site.

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