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How to paste a web form from aweber?

  1. Hi,
    I tried to paste a web form from to my blog but it didn't work properly. Can somebody advice me what to do? How can I paste it to one of my pages?

  2. Do you have a blog? If so then is your question pertaining to it? The reason I'm asking because you have linked your username to a commercial site.

    We provide support only for bloggers with free hosted blogs here and our blogs are non-commercial blogs.

    To answer your question, assuming that you are speaking of a blog, software will strip out all forms that you try to embed in order to preserve security on this multi-user blogging platform.

    I have looked at the site you indicated. This form cannot be used on a blog. If what you want is a contact form then we do have one that you can place on a page

    {waving to options}

  3. sorry, but most probably you can't as WP stripes alots of stuff, including JS, needed to handle this form.

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