How to pay without Paypal?

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    I live in Cambodia. – Almost a year ago, an expatriate friend paid in $15 for me to allow CSS changes. In the meantime I created a Paypal account (with difficulties because of the difference of resident and billing addresses). When I tried to renew WordPress (the payment is due in about a week) Paypal did not accept my payment efforts. – When paying other services with a Master or Visa cards, I never have problems – but I assume there may be restrictions with Paypal because of my place of residence.

    I am scared my site may be affected if I do not pay in time – can I make a payment either by Visa or Master card (without going through Paypal), or can I transfer the money into a bank account?

    Or can WordPress give me some time extension without cutting my account until the payment routing is clarified?

    Any advice is welcome – I need such advice urgently. THANKS.

    (email redacted) –



    One question–do you want to continue to make CSS changes? As I understand it, you purchase *editing* for a year. If your blog looks the way you want it, and you don’t pay for a second year, your blog will stay just as it is.

    If all you want is for your blog to stay the same, you don’t have to pay again.

    Of course, if you do want to continue to edit and make changes, that’s different.

    (Please correct me if I’m wrong, Mark)



    My understanding is if you don’t update your CSS, it doesn’t stay the same, but rather revert to the original theme that you are making the changes off of. I don’t have the guts to try it out though, so I hope someone has an answer on this one.




    i’m pretty sure it will revert back to the original, non-css upgrade if you don’t renew in time. i don’t think wordpress can give a deadline extension for you to pay the upgrade in time, but you could contact them and enquire.
    please contact the wordpress staff through that link. take note that support is only open on weekdays on certain hours.



    /nod to sulz and trent

    It’s my understanding from Mark’s comments in this thread that the theme will not revert, although further editing would not be possible:



    That does make sense! Thanks for the clarification! I still am too chicken to try it myself though :)




    Yes, I was thinking of that thread specifically–thanks for finding it for me!


    Thanks for the quick seven replies, especially
    (which I had looked at myself, hoping to find an e-mail address, and ellaella’s reference to

    which finally clarifies: even without a renewal payment, the CSS will not revert to the original default; the payment gives the permission, during the next 365 days’s period, to make changes to the CSS.

    All is clear now, thanks.


    But I am still going to pay another $15 to WordPress, once I know how to get Paypal going, or a way to do it by a credit card.



    ooo, i didn’t realise that we could retain the css after the upgrade is over… good question. =)


    I know that this post is “resolved” but what if you want to pay without using paypal or going through paypal whatsoever. I’m currently in dispute with them and cannot stand this company.

    Is there any other way to pay?



    Yes I would like to know too I am in dispute and loathe them! IS there another way to pay?



    Hi guys,

    I’m sorry to say that PayPal is the only method of payment at this moment in time. Other options are under discussion but for the forseeable future it’s going to be PayPal. My apologies!

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