How to Place a Widgetmate Widget into My Blog

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    I’m trying to include a widgetmate news scroll widget into my blog but the instructions on widgetmate’s site on how to do this in WordPress don’t seem to be accurate. Where do I put the code for my new widget and what type of code works–considering WordPress doesn’t allow Javascript or recognize PHP.



    As you have not provided a link to a widgetmate widget or to the code there’s little that can be said. Provided that “widgetmate” is not a form, iframe or javascript you can simply place it in a text widget and display it in your sidebar. If it contains any code that could undermine security the wordpress software will strip out the code.



    Usually when places give instructions for WordPress blogs, they’re talking about the self hosted blogs running on software from



    Thanks katm. I finally figured that out. I just switched over to WordPress from Blogspot. I like WordPress but I really like the flexibility Blogspot offers in terms of being fully customizable.



    I just wanted to let you know that you can have more flexibility by switching to software. In that case you can either self-host or you can hire a web host and download a free template that you can hack any way you want. Because is a multi-user blogging platform we cannot edit our underlying templates. If we were allowed to do so then the edits we made would likewise effect all other blogs with the same theme. We are also restricted when it comes to using, forms, iframes and media embeds to preserve security.


    Okay, I’m trying WordPress for the first time from Blogger too. I have two blogs on Blogger but folks have recommended WordPress, so I’m trying it.

    The link wasn’t provided, so here is the Widgetmate link:

    Basically, you get to customize a news or poster widget. Then it gives you the code to paste it into your blog.

    It seems like it can be done. I’ve pasted code from other 3rd party widgets (sitemeter) on WordPress and it works. However, I’ve posted others that haven’t work. I think that’s due more to me being a novice at coding than the fact that it’s impossible.

    So this is, hopefully, just about someone with more skill than I and others have to figure out what part of the code I need to tweek.



    Sorry, I don’t think it can be done. The WordPress install is definitely for and the other options all include Javascript, which we can’t add on You can insert code into a text widget, but only if it’s plain HTML; anything like Javascript or a form will be stripped out.

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