How to place Categories on the Navigation Bar

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    Hello There,

    I am new blogger and have started this blog

    I would like to add the Categories I create on the navigational bar, so that people can also navigate my site through categories. is this possible?



    You cannot add categories to your primary navigation bar, as only Pages will be represented there. Alternatively, you can add the Categories Widget to your sidebar from Design -> Widgets. This will display the appropriate archive links.


    Actually you cannot add categories DIRECTLY; but if you want your categories as page tabs in the header, you can create pages whose title links to a category page. If you’re interested and don’t know how to do that, let me know.



    You can try the trick mentioned in other posts by creating a page with a link to the category in the title. For example, make this your post title for Expeditions:

    <a href="">Expeditions </a>

    and see if it works. Note the space after the word Expeditions.


    That’s it!


    (Only “post title” should read “page title”.)



    Yep, it should say make your page title …

    Sorry – that’s what happens when you try to type a response and look up stuff at the same time :(


    This works great! Just switch to your blog address and use your own categories; great loophole

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