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How to place place google adsense ads in my wordpress blog

  1. Hi Folks,
    This is Rajesh, i have one blog in word press , how can i place google adsense in my own word press blog , is it permit to do it , if not how can i do this, can any one suggest me briefly pls.


  2. If your blog is at you can't. Advertising is against the terms of service.

    If your blog is self-hosted, you can get help at

  3. We can't use Adsense on WordPress blogs; it's against the Terms of Service and would only get your blog deleted.

    There's supposed to be an update at some stage which will allow some ads on blogs, but no one knows when that will be available. Your best option right now is to selfhost using software which doesn't have the same limitations.

  4. but i found some plugins for that is they are useful.

  5. Whoops, traffic jam. Sorry ellaella. :)

  6. Plugins can be used on blogs, but not the blogs which we use here on As ellaella said, if you're self-hosted, you'll need to go over to

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