How to Place the Google AdSense on my WordPress Blog?

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    How to Place the Google AdSense on my WordPress Blog?



    You can’t because it’s not allowed.



    If your blog is not hosted here on, you can search over in the other forums at or at the plugins page at





    Hi timethief. I notice that this same question keeps coming up every day. No sooner one thread is finished, another one pops up meaning people are not even attempting to search for their problem first. Had they, they would find several threads already informing that Adsense is not allowed.

    Do you think this would be a good topic for another “sticky” post like the two up top?

    I see how many times you post the same reply. It must make you feel frustrated.

    I vote for a sticky. And I appreciate you.



    Thanks for the expression of appreciation. I do not speak for anyone other than myself. That being said, I’m fairly sure that all the volunteers are pretty sick and tired of dealing with the same questions over and over but, that comes with the territory.

    Also IMHO there is a pretty strong indication that the “adsenseless” do not read sticky posts. But if we had a sticky post then all would have to do is supply the link instead of typing the same yada, yada, yada all over again each time.

    I appreciate being appreciated BTW. Wanna start a mutal admiration club …lol :-D

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