How to please make Word Press and Feedburner work together!

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    Hi all:

    Happy Friday!

    I hope I am getting closer to saving my head from hitting the wall too many times. I registered with Feedburner and put the text info they told me to paste into the widget sidebar in the options at Word Press.

    However what I still do not see is how do I get the original audio file of the Podcast to show in the Word Press Blog Post?

    They have options to upload pictures but I see nothing about an audio file.
    I have the Podcast file both on my computer and on my website How do I get it to the Blog post in order to have it listed on any of the Podcasting sites.

    It would seem so much easier if the Word Press would have audio/video/pictures to upload as if you were doing it fro man email or a File Share Service.

    Thank you and please help an old rocker before he destroys himself and is unable to promote the Jefferson Airplane book.

    Thank you for your help and be well,

    All the best,



    As I understand you, this isn’t a Feedburner issue: it’s a “how can I put podcasts on a WordPress blog” issue. If that’s the case, you need to do a search of the FAQs for Audio and Video, and you’ll see that we have three audio posting options and at least four or five video options from which to choose. You’ll also find that, because we’re on a shared blogging platform, security is a primary concern here and that’s why staff doesn’t allow all kinds of different formats; they only allow those they know to be safe.

    Hope this helps.

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