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how to post a pdf document on, not only the link to it

  1. I am trying to figure that out: how to post a pdf page from Google documents, not only the link to it in the web? Google documents offers embeded html, but that option does not show up either in my posts.

    What is the best idea to post minimized page of pdf on the wordpress page?

  2. The only way I've heard of other than converting to Jpg or something is to use the Vodpod button, details of which you can get at . Using that, you can embed virtually anything right into your blog here.

  3. vodpod button does not work... :-(

  4. Can you convert it to a jpg?

  5. I don't know much about it... but I will try...

  6. I found, it converts anything to anything from url and your computer. It sends you e-mail with a converted file, I downloaded it and posted on the blog.

    Is there a different way?

  7. rainocoaster, thank you for the hint about converting it, I would never guess that...

  8. You're welcome. You're right that it should be simpler but the nature of computers is just to be more specific rather than less.

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