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How to post a Post under a Page?

  1. I have created several pages on my site ( My main page (home) is set to gather all my posts as I make them so that the most recent is at the top. However... when I'm giving a book review, while making that Post (I'm typing it under "Post" instead of "Page") I would think I should have an option that though I've selected a "Post" instead of a "Page" that I can select (by using a checkmark) to have it post under my "Book Reviews Page."

    Is this possible, or am I uninformed?!

    Is a "Page" only possible to be that page only and not able to have any other "Posts" added to it?

    Thank you in advance!

  2. P.s. Right now I have the book review as a "post" and under my "Page - Book Reviews" (I had to put it there individually... is the only way around this to create just a link from the "Book Reviews Page" to the "post" of my book review?

  3. Just for reference, Pages sit outside of the Post structure. Here's a FAQ on teh subject.

    You can have Pages under other Pages. You do this by assigning a Page Parent. When you write a Page, there's an option along the right hand side labeled Page Parent. Choose there.

    You may also be getting confused with Categories. If you assign your Posts to Categories and then add in the Category widget to your sidebar, visitors can click on those category links within the sidebar and be taken to Posts tagged with that category.

    hope this helps,

  4. no thats not possible

  5. I would definitely think that Categories are the way to do this. For one thing, page stats are not counted, so if you did these as pages you'd have no way of keeping track of how popular the various Book Reviews were. If you simply tag them as Book Reviews, then someone can see all of your Book Reviews just by clicking on the tag in the sidebar.

  6. Thanks everyone for your comments.

    Hi drmike,

    I had tried the "page parent" previously before posting this, but it wouldn't give me the selection I wanted (which was "book reviews")... I may have been in my "book reviews" page already (probably editing) that the list on the right in "page parent" would not include that particular page (book reviews). Instead, it only listed the other pages I have, which made no sense to select because I didn't need to post a "book review" in any other page such as "biography" etc.

    Your instructions note to create a new page and then give it the parent page option. I thought for sure I had tried that route too, but perhaps not. Is it possible that the template I've chosen is only allowed so many pages? I know in your FAQ it mentions we're allowed as many posts and pages as we want but perhaps that's not available in all templates?

    I will try creating a new page again while your instructions have given me an idea to name the new page by the book title and then select "book reviews" in page parent.

    Also, last question:
    When would I select the "archives" or "links" option in the right hand column? Is it just a regular post that will still go to the top of my blog but for convenience it automatically gives it a link in the link list so I'm not doing it manually? I have the "recent posts" widget and the "archive" widget in my template so I'm not sure why I would need these options in the right column?

    Thank you once again for your help.

  7. Actually, I'll do that raincoaster, I'll create a category for book reviews. I may still keep the page though as I've started to set it up as a quick reference/link list with just a couple of lines to give the reader an idea what I'm writing about without having to go through all the "full" book review posts, which may consume their time (and I really don't want to consume anyone's time)!

    Thanks for the tip!

  8. oh, nevermind! I already created the category for book reviews so that's a good thing, lol (obviously I'm tired)!


  9. Are page stats important? I figured I would just work around that by letting people comment in the comments section at the bottom of each page (and if they don't want to comment that's fine too) to give me an idea of what they think of my reviews.

    What do you guys think? A good idea or no?

  10. I have a feeling I should have posted my other two questions (to drmike and raincoaster) as separate questions outside of this original one - oops, sorry :(

  11. np, we're used to following forum conversations.

    I like page stats, because stats are basically a portrait of your readership and your relationship to them. There's a lot of wisdom in there about the blogosphere, about the public, about YOUR public, and even about yourself. But I'm biased, for sure.

    Comments are in no way an accurate tracker of readership. If you're writing book reviews, your readership is going to be more readerly and less writerly, quite frankly, than if you're writing political posts or posts about blogging. My hit to comment ratio is something like 150:1. Comments tell you what people have to say, but often there are important truths about our readers that they won't actually tell you.

  12. That's a good point raincoaster (re: most readers will want to read and not typically write, ie. comment). I wonder if that is "typical"... maybe I should do a poll?

    I'm going to consider this (it's great knowledge and advice you have) while I watch Jodi Foster right now arrive at the Oscar's! :)

    Thank you!

  13. I am having problems now with my "page under a page""...I have one page called PUBLICATIONS, and the parent page command in the sidebar was working for me until today when I wanted to again add to this page...the parent page option is gone!!! Can I edit it back in? Did I get rid of it myself??? Can I only have so may subpages to each parent page???


  14. I don't really understand what has happened for you. Which page did you edit, and what happened, exactly?

  15. ...maybe it was a bug...I don't know, sometimes blogs are like people:wierd. I got the page in and I had a look at all of your blogs too. I am still playing and testing.

    buona notte

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