How to post audio and mp3 player to my blog ?

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    Hi Anyone help me to post MP3 on my blog ? i have download from my computer to New Media my song in New media but than I dont know further. its not appear in my post..Do I need played how do I get please let me know. I have try enough. thanks

    The blog I need help with is



    You can find instructions here:

    It’s very easy, but you have to have a URL where the mp3 file is sitting.


    This support document I found by searching support for “music” explains how to get audio onto your blog:


    Hi Thanks for link guide..which I have already seen..but deficult to apply…I have my own song..which I have downloded from my Mac. But still I can not attach with post and how to bring player.. If someone help with steps…Thanks..



    You will need to either purchase the storage upgrade and upload it to your blog OR find a free site that will host it and allow hotlinking; people like and Fileden, I believe. Upload it there. Then you can use the steps of the audio player instructions to put the MP3 in a player on your blog.


    Hi Thanks to raincoaster ans all memberfor them good suppoert.. I have now cleared about audio…

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