How to Post Blog Activity to Facebook?

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    Ideally, when I post a new entry to my wordpress blog, I’d like an entry to be automatically posted on my Facebook that says something to the effect:

    “First Last has just posted a blog entry titled ‘title of the post’ on his WordPress blog” where ‘title of the post’ links to the post on my blog.

    I don’t want it to post the whole article since it will be too big, and I don’t want to just have a link to my blog as then people would not be notified on my facebook page when I update the blog and I prefer to have the title in the FB status message so they can decide based on the title if they are interesting in reading the post.

    This seems like a very simple, common sense, and useful feature. I would be very surprised if it doesn’t already exist but I can’t seem to find a solution.

    The blog I need help with is



    What I have done is install this bookmarklet from Facebook in the quicklink bar of my browser. What it lets you do is navigate to anything you want to share on Facebook, click the bookmark and up pops a window with the site that your at linked and ready to post. It also allows you to choose any photos on the page as the icon. It’s pretty simple and easy.

    So, once I’ve posted a new blog, I visit that page and click the bookmark. It’s just that easy.




    Oops, forgot to put the link!




    I use Getsocial and click on the button; the big advantage is that it allows other people to post it to their pages as well.

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